Rain Money Gun_ Paper Playing Spray Money Toy Gun Black

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Product details of Rain Money Gun_ Paper Playing Spary Money Toy Gun_ Prop Money Gun_ with 100 Pcs Play Money Cash Gun_ Party Supplies (Money Gun_)

The Cash Cannon Money Gun is a simple and easy-to-use device. It can be loaded with US dollar bills or any similar in shape. Made of ABS plastic and engraved with the cash cannon logo.
Whether you are traveling to Las Vegas Atlanta Miami Los Angeles or New York for your bachelor party be sure not to leave home without the Cash Cannon.
It’s lightweight and easy to use making it a breeze to take it inside of any club or party. With LED Lights fresher.Using Mute motor no noise.
This new and innovative novelty toy will make all the exotic dancers flock when they see the money drop
The Cash Cannon Money Gun brings excitement to your event in a unique celebratory fashion. Use it to distribute promotional items including flyers coupons or confetti.

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