Xiaomi Mibro Air Smart Watch


Mibro Air Ultralight, Free Wear!
• Metal slim body
• Full circle HD touch screen
• Rotating dial operation
• Customize Watch Face
• 12 Sport Modes
• 24h Bio Heart Rate Tracker
• Sci-sleep Management
• IP68 Waterproof

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Lightweight and fashionable full-metal design
The metal watch body is formed in one piece, after more than ten CNC grinding and polishing, the metal surface is sprayed with 280# fine sand, and it is equipped with an exquisite vacuum ion plating process. The watch body is hard with great scratch resistance beautiful appearance and nice texture.

Full circle HD touch screen
1.28 inches TFT high-resolution color screen the screen ratio is as high as 95%. the color is rich and delicate and the animation is smooth and natural. It can be displayed clearly under strong light or in the dark to avoid missing important information.

Rotating dial operation, Smooth operation without lags
The unique rotatable operation menu is highly integrated with the touch screen, bringing a brilliant cool experience. Super powerful processor, using a 2-wire SPI port, refreshing speed can reach 128M, making the control smoother.

Rich and exquisite dial backgrounds selection, Customize watch Face
Choose a dial background that matches your outfit today You can also create a personal dial background just for you at any time. Watch face push, Various watch faces can be downloaded and pushed from App.
The watch system defaults to 3 dial backgrounds. Holding to press the dial interface to enter the dial switching background. The third dials’ backgrounds are immutable, and the last is a custom dial.

12 professional sports modes, making sports safer and more efficient
To change the irrational exercise method, you can choose an exclusive exercise plan according to your own needs, reasonably plan the exercise time and intensity.

Real-time exercise data visible when you raise your wrist, master exercise data throughout the whole process, make exercise effects better!

24h Bio Heart Rate Tracker, always pay attention to heart health
Built-in PPG optical heart rate sensor, equipped with intelligent heart rate algorithm, can accurately monitor small changes in heart rate and view dynamic historical data. Especially for people with darker skin color, a precise heart rate algorithm was developed to break the technical problem of inaccurate measurement of dark skin.
Scientifically monitor sleep and record the complete sleeping status
When you wear a smartwatch to fall asleep, you can learn your sleep status through the frequency of your body movements, and work with the App scientific sleep management system to record your sleep time and quality in detail. Recommend a variety of sleep improvement suggestions to help you improve the quality of sleep.
Exclusive “Mibro Fit” App for real-time synchronization of health data
The watch works perfectly with the Mibro Fit” App, which can record various body data in real-time. The heart rate, step count, sleep, and other data are clear at a glance.

App can be used to adjust the function settings of the watch to create an exclusive personal watch.

Daily activity tracking convenient life assistant
Daily activities such as step counting, calories, exercise data, etc., and various social software, text messages, incoming calls, calendars, weather, alarm clocks, and other social application information remind in time to reduce the burden of life.

Power saving platform, 10 days long battery life, 25 days standby time
Using a new Bluetooth low power consumption chip, intelligent power saving algorithm, more powerful battery life.
It can standby for 25 days on a single charge, and it can stay with you for 10 days when the reminder is off.

IP68 dustproof and waterproof more assured for daily use

Designed in accordance with the IP68 waterproof rating, it can effectively prevent sweat or rain from splashing and meet daily waterproof needs.

After wetted, please wipe out the surface water before use.


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